Sailing Holidays Limited


Sailing Holidays are the smallest family run flotilla sailing company in Greece. They are also the oldest and most established but sadly lacking in an integrated marketing solution to ensure sustained bookings going forward. Sailing Holidays YouTube videos delivered 4,500 hits in 4 years.  LittleVoice proposed a Flotilla experience iCLiCK system (interactive video campaign) with a view to increasing sales and marketing to a new audience via video ‘calls to action’.


Create a series of short engaging videos for, publish on YouTube platform to:
1. Educate, reassure and cultivate customers
2. Increase visibility and brand awareness
3. Maintain presence in Google Web
4. Create a presence in Google Video and YouTube
5. 500% increase in video hits per month


Previously focused campaigns surrounding trade shows, paid yachting press, PPC as well as recommendations. 


1. Filming crew to shadow and film a genuine flotilla holiday experience.
2. Obtain customer feedback and testimonials.
3. Facilitate function which manages customer enquiries, providing answers as FAQs.
4. Video content produced to provide an enjoyable viewing experience for customers.
5. Interactive campaign, easy to navigate, viewer has easier access and greater control.
6. Maximise ‘call to actions’ so viewers can link to the clients’ external enquiry form and relevant tip sheets.
7. Brand the new SailingHolidaysTV YouTube Channel

LittleVoice launched a brand new YouTube channel ‘Sailing HolidaysTV’ on the 19th September 2012


Overall (6 months)
We delivered and published an engaging series of thirty short videos for, on the YouTube platform. The results of the campaign are as follows:
1. Maintained number 1 position ranked on Google Web Search
2. Google Web Search results delivers the only Thumbnail image available on popular keywords
3. 100% video dominance on page 1 and 2 in Google Video Search using the generic term “Sailing Holidays Flotilla Greece” and “Flotilla Sailing Holidays Greece”
4. 9066% increase in video hits per month (from 60 to 5,500)
5. Top Sailing Holidays Channel on YouTube
6. 4.5 videos watched per unique viewer

The campaign has been an excellent sales tool and assists London call centre in directing customers to the videos if they need further information, inspiration or convincing.  Through engaging branded videos, customers are able to view different boat layouts / accommodation and review FAQ’s, thereby converting the sale.

First 16 hours

  • 2,200 hits
  • The 3 main call to action videos were the most popular
  • 67 accessed the ‘Book Now’ link and 9 converted the external booking form

By the 2nd week

  • Sailing Holidays ranked 1st on page 1 Google results
  • 100% domination of page 1 and 2 of Google video
  • Average of 500+ hits per day

Week 3