Audio production

Some sound advice

From our in-house recording studio our experienced sound technicians and composers are able to produce original scores for all of our projects as well as taking care of voice overs and podcast production.

Utilising original music also protects third party copyright infringements on YouTube ensuring full access to advertising exclusivity.

Sound effects and music create an extra sensory dimension to our films to give them a thick layer of atmosphere, heightening suspense and excitement and making sure our videos stand out from the crowd.

What we record

  • Audio podcast recording, production and editing - Whether it is a one off production or a series of podcasts, this is a great way to communicate to your customers and industry allowing you to be influential and create ongoing awareness of your brand.
  • Audio coverage of conferences and events - Increase your visibiliy long after your event or trade show by releasing key note speeches, presentations and discussions to your existing and new members.
  • Voice overs - Whether it is for video, animations, product launches, ipad / iphone applications and training tutorials, we can source the best voice to represent your Company or project, recorded and edited to the highest standard.  We also source voice-over artists for foreign languages.
  • Music soundtracks and audio logos.
  • Audio books / guides.

Please note that our recording studio is also available for hire.